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We never ventured to be popular, just provide the best service possible! But it seems we earned it thanks to our patrons!

What Our Clients Say About Wash N’ Wags


Wash N’ Wags is honored to receive so many positive reviews from the North Shore, NH Seacoast and beyond! Clients, both human and pet, appreciate our extra special friendliness and behavioral understanding. We love our work and it shows!

  • This place is so homey. The people that work there are amazingly nice! My dog loves coming here!!! You can give your dog a bath yourself which is a intimate experience for you and your pet, or you can also have your pet to be groomed by one of the fantastic groomers!! I definitely recommend this place 100%!!! Jennifer R.Lawrence, MA

  • Our Great Pyrenees visited Wash n Wags today for her Spring grooming and I was nothing but impressed with the work they did on her coat. She went in with some matting and in desperate need of a bath and came out all soft, fluffy and smelling greet. Prices are fabulous and I would highly recommend this company.. Christina H.Boxford, MA

  • Price: A real value, and all inclusive (towels, soap, dryer), it cost more to wash my truck.
    Equipment/Environment: The tubs, shower heads are in like new condition. Always plenty of towels and always clean. There’s a step at each tub to assist getting your dog into the tub.
    Staff: Very helpful and friendly and not overbearing.
    Location/Parking: Good, off street parking and close to the beaches.
    Hours: Convenient and if the groomer is there before posted hours she opens up.
    In House Grooming: I haven’t used them to groom my dog but would after observing some dogs being groom. It’s open to watch and she does a great job.
    These guys clearly like dogs and it shows, they’re patience and don’t rush you, answer all questions they can but you’re able to get in and out quickly with a clean happy dog if you’re in a hurry. Jason A.Newburyport, MA

  • First time here and great experience! The price is so reasonable and the equipment and set up is so easy to use and the staff were super friendly. I would highly recommend this place!
    Kerri H.Groveland, MA

  • We brought all our dogs here both very old and very hyper and young. We met different people who worked three and they were all super helpful. Fantastic overall! If I could change one ting it would be to computerize the frequent use punch card because I keep losing them and I have been there enough times to earn my free wash :) Yelping W.Newburyport, MA

  • I love this place, especially the groomer. She treats the dogs as if they were her own. She does an excellent job at grooming to your specifications. She gets to know your dog and treats you like family. She also cleans my dog’s teeth so that will prevent higher vet fees. I wouldn’t take my dog anywhere else. Jan D.SALISBURY BCH, MA

  • I saw a coupon in the paper for free dog nail clippings at Wash and Wags. I usually groom my dogs at home and also do their nails, but I had just adopted a new pug and she wouldn’t let me do her nails. I couldn’t do them by myself, so we decided to go here and check them out. Gretchen (my pug) was a little scared when we first got there, but [groomer] sat down and let her come to him, so she would trust him. She did put up a little bit of a fight, but he was great with her. He seemed to know a lot about dogs and was very helpful and also very nice. Excellent customer service and very friendly. I will be going back again as soon as she needs her nails clipped again. Kim C.Newburyport, MA

  • Great place! For super-cheap, you use all their stuff (shampoo, conditioner, tubs, brushes, dryer, towels) and you wash your dog yourself. It would normally cost me close to $100 to take my large, long-haired dog to a groomer! The only other option was giving him a bath at my own house, where I was on my knees crouched over the bathtub, using a $10 bottle of dog shampoo… then he would shake hair all over my bathroom and leave my house a wet mess. For close to the price of a single bottle of dog shampoo, you can leave the mess at Wash n’ Wags! Plus… it is a LIFE SAVER that their tubs are waist-height, so I can be eye-to-eye with my dog instead of crouched on the floor. An added bonus is using the industrial hair-dryer, which will blow so much hair off my dog… I won’t find hair-tumbleweeds in my house for at least a month!! FANTASTIC! Sarah S.Suffolk, MA

  • Super Service Dog Grooming.
    Very impressed with the overall services provided and care for each pet they take care of each day. Professional and hard working staff. Time for Wine

  • This is a great service for all dog owners. We would love to promote your business. If you are interested go to: fill out the form under “Free Ad” Laura Lee Enterprises

  • I have two pitbulls that I just cannot use my tub at home to wash and a lot of groomers in the area don’t like taking them, so when I found a place where I can go and comfortable bath them myself it was a life saver!! This place is great. Friendly and very professional. By Karen Saviors...

  • Every winter I dread keeping up with my two dogs and their baths, what a nightmare. There is no good way to get it done without somewhere to let them shake and make a mess. I came upon wash and wags and I have been three times. My dogs and my house have never been cleaner! Pro Mark Painting

  • Love Them!
    I bring my dogs here monthly & during my showing season these folks are GREAT because I am in the tub & using their force dryers on my Standard poodles much longer than the “norm” for a small price. Steve & his staff have been great for not charging extra for my extended use. Great folks, great place! Bonnie B

  • The Dogs Love This Place!
    The dogs love this place as much as we do. No mess for us to clean up and everyone is happy after! LC

  • Don’t mess up your own bathroom!
    Those of you who bathe your own dogs will appreciate being able to do so in a raised tub, plus you get to leave the mess behind! The only drawback is the lack of a double door entry way, but if you have a dog that doesn’t bolt out doors, this place will be your new best friend when it comes to getting the dirt off the dog. Paws for Praise