Open 7 Days per Week!

Boston Globe features Wash N’ Wags in Salisbury


The facility provides pet owners five elevated tubs, temperature-controlled warm water, hypoallergenic shampoo, shedding blades, brushes, towels, and forced-air dryers. Best of all, the staff cleans up the mess.

There also are grooming services, including nail clipping and teeth and ear cleaning. Large machines for washing dog beds and blankets, as well as horse blankets, are available in the shop.

We talked with owner Steve Bateman, 49, of Salisbury.

Q. Your job?

A. I am very much involved. I don’t mind being here seven days a week. I love being around animals and people who love their animals. I describe my business as convenient, affordable, and fun, and my staff as friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful.

Q. Breakdown?

A. Two-thirds of the business is do-it-yourself. On a Saturday, there could be 30 people. We see a lot of clients every week. Because there are five tubs and two drying stations, there’s a minimal wait. My groomer is always booked solid.

Q. Appointments?

A. Needed for grooming but not for do-it-yourself.

Q. Cost?

A. Self wash, $18; drop-off service [we do the washing and pick-up is within two hours] $30 for small dogs, $45 for large and long-haired dogs; skunked dog drop-off service, $70; nail trimming and ear cleaning, $10; teeth cleaning, $15.

Q. Other services?

A. We have a van that picks up dogs and brings them here. For older dogs, we go to the house and do nail trims. We would stay after hours for a dog that is aggressive or afraid of other dogs.

Q. Why is your business different?

A. I have a trainer who works with the staff in understanding dog language. For example, a fast-waging tail might not mean the dog is feeling happy, but is anxious. A lot of people don’t understand their dogs. We have people to help us help our customers.

Wendy Killeen